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Communicate, Engage, Digitalize:
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Gather all tools & systems used by your office, hybrid, and remote workers on a single platform. Connect your workforce, engage your employees, and digitalize business processes.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

Modern Intranet Solutions

Worksy's Modern Intranet (formerly Juno Intranet) helps companies connect teams located differently, strengthen & spread company culture, and digitalize departments' business processes.

Reach everyone and optimize your communication

No matter where your employees are, reach and engage with them through the web or mobile. Support your content’s read rate by sending notifications when you’ve important things to say.
  • Deliver the right and customized message to the right employee group
  • Give employees a social area that is easy and fun to interact
  • Increase the performance of your comms by measuring and analyzing monthly data

Make everyone a part of your company culture

Don’t let the physical distances set you apart. Deliver common values and goals in the company digitally. Appreciate well-done work in a fun way.
  • Allow teams to collaborate easily and effectively
  • Make your employees feel engaged and motivated by displaying appreciation digitally
  • Boost motivation with online activities and competitions

Do more work in less time

Digitalize various departments’ processes and leave old-fashioned ways of doing business behind. Integrate different tools and systems to work more productively.
  • Handle approvals and procedures faster
  • Automate everyday tasks, do less manual work
  • Use just one platform, don’t jump from one app to another

Make emergency comms a part of your intranet

In case of an emergency, contact your employees quickly and receive their location, as well as allow them to reach their emergency contacts within seconds.
  • Send emergency notices to your teams when an unusual situation occurs
  • Enable them to answer you, giving the information about their status and location
  • Provide your employees with helpful digital tools, such as a whistle, flashlight, and siren sound

Modern Intranet Solutions

Make collaboration effortless for your employee groups located at the office, home, or field. Connect everyone and remove the obstacles to working together.

Access through all devices

Some employees have a desk and use a computer, but others don’t. Switch to an EX platform that is reachable from both the web and mobile smoothly.

Trustable source for corporate information

An average employee receives over 100 emails every day; it’s naturally hard to track each one. Gather all your news, announcements, and content on a single platform.

Increased socialness among teams

For differently located employees, it’s challenging to interact with each other because of the distances. Offer a social space that makes it easy to get to know colleagues by exceeding physical barriers.

Higher read rate supported by notifications

Within the rush of daily work, some messages may not be noticed. Send a push notification to employees’ mobile phones when there’s something important to look at.

Integration opportunities for various departments

Some tools and services work better when they are integrated with a platform. Microsoft’s products that are available to be integrated help companies increase their productivity.

Strong employer branding that attracts talents

Job seekers look for employers whose employees work happily. Build a digital company culture that inspires and motivates people and attracts top talents to work for you.

“As a holding comprised of many companies, one of the main challenges we faced was reaching all our companies and employees simultaneously. Thanks to the positive change we created through Worksy, we can now reach everyone simultaneously with a single channel.”

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