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Effective & effortless communication targeted only at the relevant employee group, a strong company culture that fuels motivation, automatized workflows that save hundreds of hours.

Sounds good? Sounds easy.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

"With its rich modular structure, SOHO has made our communication within the company more mobile, more social and more dynamic. Especially during the hybrid work era, its accessibility from both mobile and web platforms has contributed to keeping the company culture alive."

“We supported our announcements through the push notifications that we sent via Worksy, and this feature allowed us to reach our field workers easily. Thanks to Worksy, our internal communication improved significantly.”

“In today’s world, communication takes place mainly on digital platforms – that’s why we have preferred Worksy to reach administrative and technical teams through a common channel. Thanks to Worksy, our mobile interaction advanced among all employees, including field workers.”

“As a holding comprised of many companies, one of the main challenges we faced was reaching all our companies and employees simultaneously. Thanks to the positive change we created through Worksy, we can now reach everyone simultaneously with a single channel.”

"Worksy's modern intranet has been our biggest facilitator while strengthening the internal communication of our employees, located in different cities, and ensuring company interaction regardless of location."

"Worksy created an international platform that brings together all of our employees from 19 countries in one place, through mobile app and Microsoft Teams. It has strengthened internal interactions and provided easy access to company processes."

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Did you know?

A tailored, digitalized employee experience can make all the difference.
63% of frontline workers say messages from leadership don't reach them.
41% of employees who are quiet quitting blame lack of engagement or company culture as the top reason, surpassing salary.
Employees who feel engaged produce %23 higher profitability.
Disengaged employees cost their companies %34 of their annual salary.
Worksy has been reviewed and awarded by prestigious organizations over the recent years.

Choose Your Worksy

Using numerous platforms for various departments’ needs? No more. Worksy offers all the functions you need to enhance your employees’ experience.

Frontline App

Reach your frontline employees through an excellent mobile user experience.

Modern Intranet

Formerly Juno intranet, the only platform your office, hybrid, and remote employees need.

Discover the new world of work, made easy.

Worksy is tailored to solve high-cost problems with a low-cost, easy-to-use & efficient solution. Whether the retention rates are low and lack of engagement is high, communication is unwillingly exclusive to a group of employees who have desks & computers, or recurring workflows operate in traditional, time-consuming ways; Worksy has got you covered. 

Communication made easy

Create effective communication with your differently located teams and keep them informed about the latest updates, no matter what device they use.
  • Create engaging content and deliver your messages efficiently
  • Give your employees a social space to interact and socialize
  • Measure your comms performance with the pinpoint insights

Employee engagement made easy

Create and spread a strong company culture that is easy to be apart of, and increase your teams’ motivation & productivity.
  • Strengthen your employer brand and attract more talents
  • Digitalize your recurring daily workload and save hundreds of productive hours
  • Make employees more engaged at work and reduce the turnover rate

Safety & efficiency made easy

Transfer various departments’ workflows to digital with minimum budget and maximum efficiency while making no compromises on safety.
  • Spend no money to develop an app from zero
  • Benefit from integration opportunities between platforms
  • Enhance your digital safety level with multi-factor authentication

Inclusive leadership made easy

Empower your employer branding with outstanding C-level communication. Make corporate values and goals easily understandable and motivate teams to embrace them.
  • Appreciate what is achieved successfully and build strong bonds with employees
  • Create a leadership communication plan customized for different teams
  • Increase the trust and loyalty employees feel for their company

Frontline communication made easy

Make sure you leave no one behind while communicating the important things: especially frontline workers. No need for a computer or corporate e-mail, one smart phone is more than enough.
  • Ensure the inclusion of your frontline workers within your comms and employee engagement strategy
  • Use push notifications to make sure important updates like shift changes are instantly noticed
  • Digitize recurring daily operations to save hundreds of productive hours

Hybrid work made easy

Whether you operate fully remotely, from the office or a with a mixture of both; make sure everyone’s on the same page. Leverage Worksy’s 40+ features to build a company culture that’s accessible and motivating for all teams.
  • Gather all necessary tools, docs, and information in one place to make sure employees are on the same page no matter where they are
  • Use Praise to celebrate good cooperation despite distances and with Moodboard, check in with your employees to see how they’ve been feeling
  • Leverage integrations of Worksy with the tools you are already using to offer a smooth, fast, and comprehensive working experience


Worksy is compatible with many platforms and offers various integration opportunities to increase your company’s digital flexibility and efficiency.

M365 integration

Build your modern intranet on MS SharePoint, and benefit from all the products and services that come with M365.

MS Teams integration

Communicate and work faster and more effectively. Reach your modern intranet on MS Teams and vice versa.

MS Power Automate integration

Create basic or complex workflows to meet the daily workload. Build useful integrations between different platforms.

Workato integration

Your employee app also supports Workato, a compact platform for integration & workflow automation that allows you to build complex workflows across your organization easily.

Integration for SSO

Let your employees connect to their employee app with the single sign-on option compatible with Microsoft 365, Google, and Apple.

Zapier integration

All the applications and services you use to organize your workflows are connected to each other thanks to Zapier integration of your employee app.

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See how the features of Worksy can make a real difference for your business.

Buyer’s Guide to Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms

Reviews of the best products on the market.

ClearBox Consulting recently published the 2023 edition of its report, “Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms.” Worksy (as Juno Intranet) was the only Turkey-based product reviewed independently in this report. Download the review and learn what capabilities Worksy has, according to ClearBox.

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