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Offer Everything Needed to Succeed on Frontline Digitally

Provide your frontline employees with a frontline app that boosts their productivity and connects them to each other.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

Frontline App Solutions

Worksy helps companies to reach differently located employees, make everyone a precious part of company culture, and transfer operational processes to digital.

Make internal comms outstanding and engage with your workforce

The “Comms & Engagement” experience pack of Worksy's Frontline App enhances the communication you build with frontline employees and increases their engagement with your company.
  • Distribute all your content, news, and announcements through the “Stories” and support them with push notifications
  • Offer employees an interactive area where they can publish their own content anytime with the “Social Feed”
  • Allow employees to find their coworkers’ contact information within seconds via the “People”

Facilitate dealing with operations through a form wizard

The “Operations” experience pack of Worksy offers various capabilities for frontline employees who use forms every day to execute their routine tasks.
  • Allow your employees to design their ideal form easily from scratch
  • Provide them with predefined forms to save time and effort for operations
  • Benefit from customization opportunities by determining form settings

Audience management made easy

Segmenting your groups according to differing criteria you’ll choose and reaching them is so easy with Worksy Frontline App.
  • Determine which audience will be targeted for your content via the “Groups”
  • Create static groups with desired users and use these groups either as an audience or for governance purposes
  • Generate dynamic groups and manage them automatically using filters and formulas

“In today’s world, communication takes place mainly on digital platforms – that’s why we have preferred Worksy to reach administrative and technical teams through a common channel. Thanks to Worksy, our mobile interaction advanced among all employees, including field workers.”

Frontline App Solutions

Frontline employees need a digital hub to communicate with their company & coworkers and to execute operations faster. That’s exactly what Worksy does.

Get insights on your content and see if your strategy performs well

View detailed statistics for each one of the content you published and discover how you can improve your content strategy.

Brand your Frontline App with your corporate identity

Transferring all the elements of your corporate’s visual identity into your Frontline App has never been so easy.

Offer your employees various ways for login

Your frontline employees can use their Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts to log in to their Frontline App, or they can benefit from the single sign-on option.

Empower your workforce with integration

Having the ability to be integrated with external platforms like Zapier and Workato, your Frontline App accelerates dealing with tasks for frontline employees.

Boost motivation with social features

When employees are located differently, getting to know and interacting with coworkers may be challenging. A social area open to everyone’s sharings helps to motivate teams.

Notifications ensure your content is noticed

When there is much content to read, employees may have to ignore some because of the rush of daily operations. For important messages, send a mobile notification to draw attention.

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