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Support Hybrid Work With an EX Platform for All Teams 

The flexibility of hybrid workplaces may bring some challenges for the organization of different teams. Gather the essential tools on a single platform and make collaboration easy.

A digital hub for hybrid teams to connect, share, and collaborate 

Offer hybrid employees an EX platform that allows them to communicate with each other, make information exchange, and collaborate with all teams easily from wherever they are.
  • Integrate your EX platform with MS Teams and facilitate making contact.
  • Provide all teams with a social feed to maintain interaction high all the time.
  • Bring all docs & files together safely and allow teams to work collaboratively.

Ensure everyone is up-to-date about what’s happening

Make sure all your announcements and content regarding internal comms reach your hybrid employees wherever they are working.
  • Create customized content for hybrid teams and send them to related employees.
  • Highlight important announcements by sending notifications to their mobile phones.
  • Direct specific information to predefined MS Teams channels to facilitate reaching.

Inspire hybrid employees with your company culture

Digitalize your company culture to be sure that everyone is an integral part of it, even if sometimes they are physically distant from your corporate.
  • Conduct periodic polls and take actions accordingly to prove that everyone has a voice.
  • Increase work satisfaction through digitalized & automatized workflows to make all employees happier.
  • Build effective leadership communication to support embracing company values.
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