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Bring Out the Power of Integration

A frontline app also functions as a hub that helps companies to increase their productivity – that’s why we developed Worksy in a way that can be integrated with many platforms like Zapier and Workato.

Single sign-on options that offer maximum flexibility

Your employees can sign on to their Frontline App through different accounts like Microsoft 365, Google, and Apple.
  • Employees can benefit from SSO no matter which ecosystem you use
  • SSO allows employees to log in to multiple applications securely and fast
  • You can enhance the user experience positively through single sign-on

Connect all tools to each other and work more productively

Worksy's Zapier and Workato integrations enable you to connect the apps and services you use for your workflows, allowing you to benefit from the power of iPaaS.
  • Allow your employees to create data flow between different applications
  • Integrate data between different apps and ensure all your data is up-to-date
  • Save time and effort by automating your employees’ daily workflows

Easy login with phone number

It’s not a problem at all if some of your employees don’t have email addresses. Having a phone number is enough to log in to Worksy.
  • Invite your employees to join Worksy with their phone numbers and follow their status
  • SSO allows employees to log in to multiple applications securely and fast
  • Offer differing options for login, such as a password or one-off verification code
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

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