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Support Your Return to Office Strategy With an EX Platform

How and where we work is changed forever. While some employees return to the office, keeping all teams organized and providing collaboration tools is crucial.

Stay in touch with teams everywhere

Keep everyone connected, whether at the office, on the go, or offsite. Allow all employees to get the same information and announcements as others.
  • Publish customized content for different groups of workers to keep them up-to-date.
  • When there’s an activity to participate in, announce it through an EX platform easily.
  • Provide a social feed to increase the interaction between office workers and other teams.

Fuel the company culture your office workers need

Inspire people to work and have fun better. Transfer your company culture to digital and increase the participation of different employee groups.
  • Offer differently located teams a digital and fun way to thank each other.
  • Increase corporate loyalty with powerful leadership communication, reduce turnover.
  • Attract and retain top talents with a strong employer branding.

Increase work satisfaction through digitalization

When your office workers have the opportunity to bring more creativity to their job, they work happier. Create digital workflows for daily duties and leave more time for real work.
  • Gather all tools needed to work productively on a single platform.
  • Make collaboration easy and effective for differently located teams.
  • Digitalize business processes and reduce the time spent with manual work.
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