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Take Your Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Abandon the old ways of doing business and digitalize various departments’ workflows. Integrate many tools and apps safely, and enhance the digital experience efficiently.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

“As a holding comprised of many companies, one of the main challenges we faced was reaching all our companies and employees simultaneously. Thanks to the positive change we created through Worksy, we can now reach everyone simultaneously with a single channel.”

IT Solutions

Worksy helps information technology professionals to transform their company into a digital workplace and make it easy to work with different tools through integrations.

Maintenance & Security

Switch to an EX platform that doesn't require spending time on its maintenance and updating. Secure all your docs & files and corporate data with multi-factor authentication.
  • Keep your platform up-to-date with automatic quarterly updates
  • Determine who will reach and edit what, and give access accordingly
  • Provide excellent safety, avoid information and data leakage

Unleash the power of integration

The positive impact of your EX platform increases when you integrate it with apps and tools like MS Teams, MS Office, and MS Power Automate.
  • Reduce paperwork and digitalize your forms, save time and effort
  • Allow your employees to communicate with MS Teams & Worksy simultaneously
  • Create basic or complex workflows through MS Power Automate

Cut development and updating costs

Developing a unique platform only for your company and updating it constantly can cost thousands of dollars. Prefer a ready-to-use EX platform that updates itself regularly.
  • Save your IT department from tough processes like analysis, design, and development
  • Don’t need to have an extra budget to secure your digital assets
  • Get periodic feature updates automatically

Make collaboration easy and fun

When you use multiple platforms for different processes, it’s harder for your employees to collaborate on the same work. Make it easy and fun to handle things, and boost productivity.
  • Provide all your employees with an effective communication base
  • Gather useful features and tools on a single and easy-to-reach platform
  • Allow your teams to appreciate and thank each other

Digitalize your workplace and business strategy

Keep your office open if you want to, but don’t limit your workplace to a physical space. Allow your remote employees to work comfortably from anytime, anywhere.
  • Connect your far-from-the-office employees
  • Build a digital company culture and spread it among your teams
  • Leave paperwork behind and execute business processes digitally  

Choose Your Worksy

Using numerous platforms for various departments’ needs? No more. Worksy offers all the functions you need to enhance your employees’ experience.

Frontline App

Reach your frontline employees through an excellent mobile user experience.

Modern Intranet

Formerly Juno intranet, the only platform your office, hybrid, and remote employees need.

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