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Reach All Corners of Your Workforce

Exceed limits like desks or computers. Build a location-free communication strategy with a mobile-first approach. Reach every employee and be sure that they can reach you back.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

“In today’s world, communication takes place mainly on digital platforms – that’s why we have preferred Worksy to reach administrative and technical teams through a common channel. Thanks to Worksy, our mobile interaction advanced among all employees, including field workers.”

Internal Communication Solutions

Worksy helps internal and corporate comms professionals to communicate with all employee groups effectively and sustainably to increase employee engagement.


Reminding that there is something important to look at has never been easier. Send their mobile phones a push notification and reach them no matter where they are.
  • Highlight essential announcements by sending notifications to related employees
  • Increase the read and interaction rate of your content
  • Measure your performance through stats and improve your strategy accordingly

A tailored experience for different employees

No need to bother employees with irrelevant messages that don’t concern them. Create persona-oriented posts and share them with only selected groups.  
  • Enrich your messages with photos, videos, and links
  • Use the blog feature to give your employees space where they can thrive as authors
  • Leverage the power of segmentation to captivate a specific group’s attention

Social interaction at its best

Give your employees a social area where they can interact with each other easily. Make it cool to share some weekend posts and collect lots of likes!
  • Activate social feed feature and strengthen the bonds between teams
  • Encourage employees to like, comment, and share social content
  • Initiate conversation and socialization among different departments

Spread your company culture to every corner

Once limited only to the office, now company cultures are also transferred to digital. Encourage your employees to embrace corporate values with an EX platform.
  • Provide your employees with a trustable source of corporate information
  • Create a safe area for internal communities and clubs
  • Democratize access to all necessary updates and info relating to the company

Engage with remote workforce easily

Increase the performance of your internal comms strategy through a mobile-first approach and make sure no one is left behind. Remove the physical distances and interact with your remote-working employees.
  • Make sure remote workers participate in your company culture effectively
  • Use the power of social interaction to increase connection and engagement among your employees
  • Take polls and gather employee opinions to show that their thoughts matter

Choose Your Worksy

Using numerous platforms for various departments’ needs? No more. Worksy offers all the functions you need to enhance your employees’ experience.

Frontline App

Reach your frontline employees through an excellent mobile user experience.

Modern Intranet

Formerly Juno intranet, the only platform your office, hybrid, and remote employees need.

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