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Build the Culture that Makes Your Teams Thrive at Work

Prioritize employee experience above all through a platform that connects your teams, spreads your company culture, and supports your employees to work more productively.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

"With its rich modular structure, SOHO has made our communication within the company more mobile, more social and more dynamic. Especially during the hybrid work era, its accessibility from both mobile and web platforms has contributed to keeping the company culture alive."

HR Solutions

Worksy helps human resources professionals to increase employee engagement rate sustainably and digitalize their daily workload to save time and effort.

Attract top talents, minimize employee turnover

Job seekers attach great importance to company culture and check if it’s healthy when they receive an offer. Build strong employer branding to attract and retain the best employees.  
  • Organize online activities to revive the motivation among teams
  • Check employees’ moods periodically with Moodboard to keep the pulse of your employees’ wellbeing
  • Keep differently located employee groups connected and engaged.

Improve onboarding processes

When newcomers arrive, it may require a lot of time & effort to onboard them sufficiently. Use your EX platform as a quick introduction and show them the fundamentals of your company.
  • Explain how your organization is structured through organization chart and expert finder
  • Give them access to the document library where necessary guides are gathered
  • Keep them posted about the latest corporate news and announcements

Boost employee engagement and happiness

It’s statistically proven that when employees are engaged at work and feel happy, productivity increases. Create a team spirit that encourages people to be the best of themselves.
  • Connect remote, frontline, and office employees on a single platform
  • Provide employees a social feed where every employee can interact with each other
  • Collect feedback regularly, make employees feel that they have a voice in the company

Embrace a mobile-first approach for HR communication

Using only email for your department’s comms may cause an information bombardment. Deliver important news and announcements through your EX platform effectively.
  • Reach employees through a mobile app easily, no matter where they are
  • Send push notifications to their phones when there’s important news to read
  • Make filling up, analyzing, and reporting a form effortless, measure the effectiveness of your strategies


Spend less time on HR procedures by integrating different systems and tools into your EX platform, and focus on more valuable work, like giving motivation to teams.
  • Benefit from Azure Active Directory to execute identity management
  • Automatize the communication between platforms, reduce manual work
  • Use workflow management tools to build basic or complex processes

Choose Your Worksy

Using numerous platforms for various departments’ needs? No more. Worksy offers all the functions you need to enhance your employees’ experience.

Frontline App

Reach your frontline employees through an excellent mobile user experience.

Modern Intranet

Formerly Juno intranet, the only platform your office, hybrid, and remote employees need.

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