New product! Check out the easiest & most effective way of emergency comms!

Leverage Sharepoint & MS Teams for Employee Communication

The favorite internal comms app of companies, MS Teams, is compatible with your EX Platform, which is based on MS SharePoint and can be integrated with all Microsoft products.

Get the maximum performance from the Microsoft ecosystem

Worksy runs on MS SharePoint infrastructure and can be integrated with Office 365 products, which means that it offers you the opportunity to get the maximum productivity from your Microsoft investment.
  • Enrich your employee app with Power Platform using Automate, Apps, and BI
  • Don't miss the reminders thanks to integrations like Outlook and Teams
  • Transfer your safety principles to your employee app with Azure AD integration

Boost productivity in your workplace by leveraging the power of automation 

Power Automate is one of the Microsoft products that seamlessly integrate with Worksy, enabling you to automate business processes and enhance workplace efficiency.
  • Create basic or complex workflows to meet daily operations
  • Build integrations between platforms to save time and effort
  • Use your HR and BPM systems more effectively

Worksy and MS Teams: Two team players with similar purposes

Employees can reach their EX platform through MS Teams app, and they can also reach their MS Teams account through their EX platform – these two are smoothly integrated.
  • Create basic or complex workflows to meet daily operations
  • Allow employees to reach their coworkers’ MS Teams profiles via their EX platform
  • Enable sending MS Teams messages on special days through Worksy
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

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