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Make Your Leadership Vision Stand Out 

Unleash the power of C-level communication. Build trust and engagement with your enhanced visibility. Gather all employee groups around the same purpose and goals, while building strong motivation & inspiration.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

“We supported our announcements through the push notifications that we sent via Worksy, and this feature allowed us to reach our field workers easily. Thanks to Worksy, our internal communication improved significantly.”

Management Solutions

Worksy helps managers and executives from many departments to increase the performance of their teams and achieve their periodic targets.

Highlight the strategic priorities and make them accessible

Some topics are always more important than others. Make your business priorities clear enough to understand and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Share monthly or quarterly goals and provide guidance and inspiration through regular check-ins.
  • Use blog posts or videos to elaborate on significant subjects
  • Increase your presence as a leader throughout planning, execution, and celebration
  • Share periodic announcements to clarify the current status regarding corporate targets.

Attract more talents with strong employer branding

Your potential employees want to work in a company that has a healthy and prestigious corporate culture. Increase your attractiveness with an EX platform.
  • Execute onboarding processes for the newcomers faster
  • Make organizational chart easy to reach and understand.
  • Appreciate the successful work and strengthen the bonds


Send push notifications to your employees’ mobile phones to make sure important messages stand out.
  • Include only related employee groups to avoid irrelevant attention.
  • Make sure your essential posts reach their audience.
  • Check the read rate of highlighted content regularly to measure the performance.

Increase engagement with a three-way communication.

Sending regular update emails can only comprise a small part of a comprehensive leadership strategy. Frequently engage with your employees to make them feel seen and heard.
  • Take your place on social feed and join the active community.
  • Like, comment, and share your employees’ posts to interact with them.
  • Write your own engaging posts to boost motivation among teams.

Share and edit your documents safely

When using multiple platforms, avoiding malware and keeping all the docs & files safe can be difficult. Offer your employees a single EX platform where they can collaborate productively.
  • Benefit from one of the best collaboration services, Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Easily analyse and execute strategic enhancement based on data.
  • Keep your data and corporate information safe.

Choose Your Worksy

Using numerous platforms for various departments’ needs? No more. Worksy offers all the functions you need to enhance your employees’ experience.

Frontline App

Reach your frontline employees through an excellent mobile user experience.

Modern Intranet

Formerly Juno intranet, the only platform your office, hybrid, and remote employees need.

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