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Let’s Achieve Our Dreams Together

We’re marching toward permanent success in our industry with our visionary and passionate team. We’ve passed through many milestones since 2011, and there are still so many dreams we want to achieve – with you.

What makes us feel so good, makes us #sOGOOd.

We know well that a strict hierarchy doesn’t allow people to express their true selves and creativity. So we decided to put our titles aside and approach each other as equals. The result? Skyrocketing creativity and limitless ideas.      

We are aware that without transparent communication, it’s impossible to thrive as a team. So we decided to be open to every question and ensure everyone is aligned on what’s happening. The result? Everyone feels they have a place and, what is more, a voice at OGOO.  

We believe people cannot be the better version of themselves unless their work-life balance is ensured. So we decided to offer satisfying standards, flexible work options, and a tailored employee experience to our teammates. The result? Everyone performs their best at OGOO.  

We were early to realize offices were no longer crucial and comfort was a distinctive criterion for top talents. So we decided to embrace flexibility as our core value. The result? Everyone works from wherever they want, be it a co-working space or a caravan, at OGOO.

And thus, we reached the point where we are now. We are an ever-growing company with industry leaders in our portfolio. A team that is full of ambitious and highly-talented people. But most importantly, we are individuals who feel so good at #sOGOOd. Wanna join us?

Which steps will you go through before joining OGOO?

1. Application

You know, every journey has a starting point – when it comes to joining OGOO, the application is the very beginning. All job and internship opportunities we offer can be found on our LinkedIn account. Take a look at them carefully and send your application to the most relevant position according to your qualifications and experience.

2. Competency Assessment

After the preliminary interview, we invite you to meet our HR team as the first stage of the hiring process. In this meeting, you have the opportunity to talk about experiences and achievements you had. If this first meeting brings positive results, we immediately organize a second meeting with the department officer in which your technical competence is tested and approved.

3. Case Study

When you complete the first and second meetings successfully, a case study aiming to measure your technical competence in detail is provided. These case studies change from position to position entirely – we specifically prepare them convenient to the level and requirements of the role you applied for.

4. Reference Meetings

In case your case study is also approved, we carry out the reference meetings as the last step of the hiring process before we send you a job offer. In these reference meetings, we talk to your prior managers and coworkers about your then performance and attitudes.

5. Job Offer

When you complete the first and second meetings successfully, a case study aiming to measure your technical competence in dCongratulations! Since you’ve completed all steps of our hiring process successfully, our HR team is about to contact you regarding what we can offer you for this role.etail is provided. These case studies change from position to position entirely – we specifically prepare them convenient to the level and requirements of the role you applied for.

Side benefits or why you should join our team?

When you join OGOO, the only thing you take on the last day of the month won’t be a paycheck. We also offer additional benefits to our team members to support their overall well-being.

Opportunity to work remotely

Private health insurance

Monthly food card to cover lunch expenses

A dynamic and fun work environment, team activities, and happy hours

Internal training opportunities and access to various e-learning platforms

Monthly financial support for remote work expenses

Success stories from our teammates

OGOO means flexibility, sociability, and personal development for me. Thanks to remote working, not being stuck in spatial limitations brings incredible comfort, especially in the summer months. During the long period I worked here, I took part in a wide variety of projects and I think this contributed greatly to my knowledge and skills in technical areas. I should also say that frequent social events keep team motivation alive all the time.

The best part of working here is to be able to put forward great projects thanks to team solidarity & in a business environment where professionalism and sincerity go hand in hand. Since we have common goals, everyone's devoted focus on their area of responsibility brings successes that are impossible to achieve as separate individuals. I also feel lucky to have had the opportunity to establish very valuable business relationships during my time at OGOO.

The disappearance of the concept of employee engagement with the entry of Generation Z into the business world is a fact that most of us accept today. I think the situation is not much different for millennials either. The balance has changed so much that even working for a company for 3 years sounds like a long time. However, this year, I am celebrating my 10th year at OGOO. I had the opportunity to witness the growth story of OGOO, which I joined when it was a company just starting out. In this process, we developed our own solutions for the needs of the sector while providing services to Turkey's leading brands. I share this pride with everyone who has somehow crossed paths with OGOO at some point in the past.

It is a great feeling to know that you are constantly improving under the leadership of great team leaders who are always there to help and support you & that you are doing great things with competent team members in your field. I think I am in a perfect environment for both my personal development and my professional career. What keeps my passion for my job fresh is that I have the opportunity to learn a new skill and find a unique solution every day.

It is an indescribable happiness for me to witness and contribute to the growth of OGOO in the past 4 years I have been here through new customers, new employees, and new products. With a fun team environment, colleagues whose engagement never decreases despite remote working conditions and strong solidarity, I happily turn on my computer every morning. To many more years at OGOO!😊

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