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The Fastest and Easiest Way of Emergency Comms

Emergencies cannot be prevented, but vital measures can be taken. Nothing is more crucial than an easy way to ensure uninterrupted communication throughout an emergency and effective crisis management.

Send notice and inform everyone about what’s happening

In case of a natural disaster, a workplace accident, or a security breach, Emergency Comms app allows you to create an emergency notice and alert everyone in the company.
  • Support your emergency notice with push notification and ensure everyone has sufficient information about the current situation
  • Enable employees to share their status and location with the company, reach emergency contacts via SMS, and report detailed information if available
  • Authorize all teams to create an emergency notice and alert the company in case they detect an emergency before your responsible personnel

A mobile-centric comms hub that keeps you updated all the time

Emergency Comms app offers you the flexibility to follow all the updates about current emergency through your mobile phone.
  • Receive headcounts in the preferred frequency about the final situation and view related report details on mobile quickly
  • Get a push notification when an employee sends an emergency notice and review the description of the notice with a mobile report
  • Reach the reports of active emergencies anytime through emergency cards and terminate them when the emergencies end

In-depth desktop reports provide you with the most crucial insights

Preparing a comprehensive action plan needs to be supported by detailed information about the emergency’s impact. Through the in-depth desktop reports of Emergency Comms app, you can take necessary actions as soon as possible.
  • The emergency map shows you the big picture, enabling you to see how impactful the emergency is
  • Choose an audience and view the report about who responded to the notice and who did not
  • Reports can be filtered according to incident, reporting, and response type, and allows you to analyze previous responses of the same employee

Various capabilities facilitate to manage the unusual situations

Emergency Comms app is a two-way communication platform between your company and its employees. It enables your employees to share an emergency situation, their status and location with the company and their coworkers.
  • Your employees can not only respond to the emergency notice they receive but they can also send a notice when they’re the first witness of an emergency like a flood or electric leakage
  • All employees can update their previous status to the new one when their position is changed
  • Though an emergency does not require any responses, you can still send a notice and save the ‘read’ information only

All the helpful tools needed in emergencies, together

Different kinds of emergencies require different equipment to deal with them. Emergency Comms app brings all necessary equipment together digitally for your employees.
  • Make it possible to blow a whistle, activate a siren sound, or turn on a flashlight using only the app
  • Allow employees to call emergency services or contact the company within seconds
  • Make it easy for your employees to enable low-power mode on their phones
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