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All the Forms Needed on the Frontline, Together

Forms are the building blocks of businesses no matter in which industry they operate. A practical form wizard helps all departments to gain flexibility and work more efficiently.
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What Can You Do With Form Wizard?

Adding an external form to the EX platform, choosing a ready-to-use template for ordinary form needs, or creating a form from scratch – all so easy with our Forms feature.

Generate your ideal form using only the needed elements

All departments, rarely or regularly, use forms – but the elements that should be covered in a specific form can change. The “Forms” feature allows you to design your ideal form however you wish.
  • Choose the right elements from the element pool for a form and exclude the others
  • Determine element settings by giving lower and upper limits to every field
  • View analytics for the forms you created and see how they perform

Use predefined forms for common needs and waste no time

There are forms that every company uses in similar ways, like advance form, expense form, or request form. This feature provides predefined forms for common needs to save you time.
  • Go to the predefined forms pool and pick one that is sufficient for your needs
  • Customize form settings as you wish, determine its end date or response limit
  • Share the form with desired employee or employee group and get answers

Customize the settings of your forms

The “Forms” feature offers many setting options and allows you to customize your forms according to your needs. Some of them are:
  • Enter a date on which the form will close and get no more answers
  • Decide if the form is available or not for multiple responses
  • Determine how many responses the form will get before its closure

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