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Communication and Engagement Features

Worksy Employee App offers many features under the Comms & Engagement experience pack to provide companies with a digital hub where they can communicate with all teams and make them work productively.

The right place to tell your stories

The “Stories” feature provides a convenient place for companies to publish news, announcements, and different type of content, such as videos and events.
  • Share customized content, videos, and events with targeted employee groups
  • Create mandatory reads for crucial announcements to ensure everyone is aligned
  • Display statistics for published stories and check the performance of your strategy

Increase sociality among different teams

The “Social Feed” feature is where your teams, no matter whether they are located, come together and share their ideas and opinions with their coworkers.
  • Provide teams with an interactive space that supports texts, images, and links
  • Allow employees to like and reply to posts from their coworkers, increase interaction
  • Encourage everyone to use mentions, hashtags, and emojis to freshen up the feed

Distinguish important topics from others

The “Curations” feature allows companies to create and display banners on their EX platform to catch employees' attention at first view.
  • Highlight your previously published story between selected dates and categories
  • Create a banner from scratch, entering texts, visuals, links, and other details
  • Customize audience to ensure all employee groups see relevant banners

Gather all helpful links on a single page

The “Shortcuts” feature enables you to bring helpful links that employees frequently use together and categorize them according to departments.
  • The favorite external links your employees visit every day are now easier to reach
  • The links you add can be categorized according to departments or any other criteria
  • Highlights section allows you to move some links you choose to the top

Build a digital library for all your documents

The “Documents” feature allows every department of your company to create a collection of documents and customize this collection.
  • Every department has its own documents; create differing collections to facilitate reaching
  • Determine which audience will be able to access what document collection
  • Enable employees to reach the desired document through advanced search options easily

Manage your audience easily

The “Groups” feature is where you can manage your audience. Through this space, you can create static and dynamic groups and give them differing authorization according to your needs.
  • Determine which audience will be targeted for your content via the “Groups” feature
  • Create static groups with desired users and use these groups either as an audience or for governance purposes
  • Generate dynamic groups and manage them automatically using filters and formulas

Benefit from various authentication and login methods

Your office employees and frontline workers may need different kinds of login methods to use your EX platform. Flexibility is what you’re looking for.
  • Maximize the accessibility through detailed login methods management
  • Enable your frontline workers to log in to their EX platform via their phone number
  • Provide SSO for your office workers and allow them to use their Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts

The easiest way to help all teams thrive

Using multiple platforms to communicate and collaborate may affect employees’ productivity negatively. Worksy Employee App brings all tools together and ensures processes are handled effortlessly.

Make crucial information visible by creating corporate pages

Building a solid narrative about who your company is and what it does has never been that easy. The “Pages” feature provides the flexible space you need.
  • In accordance with your needs, create categories, pages, and subpages under the feature
  • Your brand story, manifest, and achievements – share all of them in an ordered way
  • Offer the most crucial guides to employees together by preparing department-based pages

Offer maximum personalization to improve user experience

All your employees are unique individuals with different roles, responsibilities, areas of interest, and preferences. Provide them with a personalized experience on your EX platform.
  • “For You” screen allows you to remind the unread mandatory contents and unanswered polls
  • Enable your employees to choose their system language as they wish
  • Leave the decision about light or dark themes on their app to your employees

Manage profile fields and customize them according to your needs

Worksy’s People feature and the fields it contains are highly customizable. You can decide which data will be shown and who can see them.
  • Your admins are authorized to choose data that will be shown on the list screen and edit them
  • They can also determine which areas will be used and who will be able to see them
  • Customizable fields facilitate the process of making your EX platform compatible with data privacy policies

Make all employees reachable to everyone

The “People” feature is like the directory of your phone – it contains all employees with their names, title, and contact information to make them reachable to everyone in the company.
  • Display today’s birthdays, new hires, and work anniversaries all together
  • Allow employees to start a call with their mobile phones quickly
  • List individuals within the company with their phone number, email, and other info

Send mobile notifications to draw employees’ attention

Using the “Notifier” feature, comms professionals can send mobile notifications to all teams or a desired employee group to make sure important content is delivered.
  • Increase the read rate of essential content, make them visible to employees
  • Start a campaign, announce breaking news, or give a warning quickly
  • Inform employees automatically when they’re mentioned in the social feed

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