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Create engaging content enriched by photos, videos, links, and surveys. Give employees a social area where they can interact with each other independently of their location.
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Communications & Engagement Features

Worksy offers many features under the Comms & Engagement experience pack to help comms professionals execute their internal communication strategy more effectively.

Send notifications for prominent content

The “Notifications” function allows comms professionals to highlight important announcements by sending push notifications to employees’ mobile phones.
  • Create persona-oriented content and share it with related employee group
  • Send mobile notifications to increase the open and read rate of the content
  • Check content statistics regularly and improve your comms strategy

Increase the sociality between teams

The “Social Feed” feature offers a digital space to encourage employees to create and share their posts with coworkers.
  • Employees can add photos, links, and hashtags to their posts
  • Higher interaction with likes & comments
  • No mention goes unnoticed thanks to push notifications

Check employees’ motivation regularly

The “Moodboard” feature makes it possible for comms professionals to observe how’s everybody feeling regularly and take action when necessary.
  • Ask employees, “How do you feel?” on a daily or weekly basis
  • Collect and review their moods to discover if anybody’s feeling a little blue recently
  • When there’s a constant lack of motivation, take action accordingly

Praise: the easy and fun way to appreciate good work

The “Praise” feature contains many motivational badges through which employees celebrate well-done work and thank each other for their collaboration.
  • Employees can add their comments to the badges they send
  • They also can request a badge from a coworker for a collaboration
  • The “My Badges” screen reflects all the badges the employee has received so far

Recognized employees work more productively

When employees get recognition for what they did, their motivation increases, and they do their jobs better. Offer them the necessary tools to thank each other easily.

Blog: shine a light on the talent

The “Blog” feature provides an open space for employees who’d love to share their interests, hobbies, or thoughts. This space can be a great space for leadership communication too.
  • Enrich your blog posts with photos, videos, and links
  • Gather all of the “timeless” articles in one place
  • Allow employees to interact with likes and comments

Surveys: give an ear to employees’ opinions

Learning what employees think on a specific topic is easier when the processes are simple and digitalized. The “Surveys” feature allows you to collect employee opinions and take action faster.
  • Create recurring surveys to get employee opinions routinely
  • Higher participation rate with an easy-to-use and user-friendly structure
  • Easily analyze the survey results and take pinpoint actions

Greetings: celebrate special days and make your employees feel valuable

The “Greetings” feature allows you to celebrate the days that are special for employees and boost their motivation.
  • Show greetings cards to employees on their birthdays, the first day at their company, and work anniversary
  • Celebration cards are customizable and you can support them with push notifications
  • List upcoming special days to ensure everyone sees them and increase the interaction between teams

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