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HR & People Features

Worksy’s modern intranet offers many features under the HR & People experience pack to help human resources professionals strengthen employer branding and digitalize HR procedures.

Show how your company is structured

The “Organizational Chart” feature allows employees to see their subordinates and superordinates in the company and how the organization is structured in general.
  • Make relationships between teams and employees clear and understandable
  • Allow employees to search for someone to find out their place in the organization
  • Simplify making a call, sending an email, or chatting on MS Teams

Gather all documents safely

The “Docs & Files” feature offers you a safe place where you can gather all corporate documents and give various employee groups different accesses.
  • Secure your corporate docs & files by avoiding using different storage platforms
  • Control who can see, edit, and share what document
  • Make employees reach what they need to work faster and easier

Share employee news companywide

The “Employee News” feature is designed for HR professionals to help them share the latest news about newcomers, promotions, position changes, and special days.
  • Benefit from a rich text area where you can use texts, images, videos, and links
  • Provide employees with a digital space where they can like and comment on the news
  • Let no special event or day remain unnoticed in the company

Spend less time on hiring

The “Open Positions” feature makes hiring someone for a specific position easier as it includes the already hired talents’ social environment.
  • Publish a job posting with specific requirements on your EX platform
  • Allow your employees to apply personally if they meet the requirements
  • Make it possible for your employees to suggest a friend they think fits the position

Make it easy to find an expert

The “Expert Finder” feature simplifies the process of searching and finding an expert on any business-related subject within the company.
  • The employees go to the feature and type a category or subject
  • The results show up, and all experts on the subject are listed
  • The employees can now send an email or write an MS Teams message to them

All business needs united in one platform

Differently located teams work more productively when all their business-related needs are met on a single platform. Worksy’s modern intranet will help you to make them thrive at their jobs.

All links are reachable from a single-point

The “Links” feature gathers all useful links for employees, such as external apps, social media accounts, and frequently visited pages, on a single point.
  • Create various categories for different types of links
  • Organize them according to how frequently they are visited
  • Make it easy and safe to reach external links

Offer a comprehensive contact book

The “People” feature is where your employees can find helpful information about each other like phone number, position, location, etc.
  • Using advanced search options, employees can easily reach the information they seek on a coworker’s profile
  • Without going into detail, employees can start a call or Teams chat through their phones
  • In addition to contact information, employees can see each other’s areas of interest, social media profiles, and praise badges

Create corporate pages and make crucial information visible

The “Pages” feature offers you a flexible space where you can build a strong narrative about who your company is and what your company does.
  • Generate categories, pages, and subpages under the feature according to your needs
  • Share your brand story, manifest, achievements, and goals in an ordered way
  • Prepare department-based pages and offer employees most crucial guides together

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