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The Integrated Power of Communication

Make it effortless to communicate. Connect all employees to each other no matter what device they use. Integrate your EX platform with MS Teams and switch to a digital workplace faster.
+40 companies from +15 different industries have trusted Worksy.

MS Teams & Integrations Features

Worksy’s modern intranet offers many functions under the MS Teams & Integrations experience pack to help IT professionals digitalize their company’s communication processes.

Send messages on special days

“Work Anniversary Celebration”, “Birthday Celebration”, and “New Hire Celebration” allow you to send customized messages through MS Teams.
  • So the newcomer arrived? Send a welcome message for a warm greeting
  • Is someone’s third year on their job? Send a greeting message to share their happiness
  • Did you smell the birthday cake? Send a happy birthday message

Use your EX platform & MS Teams simultaneously

When Worksy and MS Teams are integrated, communication is much more effective for everyone in the company.
  • Employees can reach their EX platform directly through MS Teams.
  • Content that is shared on Worksy can be directed to specific MS Teams channels.
  • Many features allow employees to send quick Teams messages on Worksy.

Compatible with Microsoft’s wide ecosystem

Teams isn’t the only Microsoft product that can be integrated with Worksy’s modern intranet. Based on MS SharePoint, Worksy allows you to benefit from many platforms like MS Power Automate, Entra ID, and Office 365.
  • SharePoint’s document library makes it possible to create an organizational memory.
  • Power Automate simplifies daily operations through basic and complex workflows.
  • Azure Active Directory can be used for identity and user access management.

Get the most from your Microsoft investment

Create a single digital experience by uniting every Office 365 tool available. Enhance your company’s productivity and profitability, and maximize your ROI.

Maximize your SharePoint investment

If your company has already invested in MS SharePoint, we have good news: You can maximize your SharePoint investment by preferring Worksy as your EX platform.
  • Worksy works on SharePoint infrastructure, no matter if it’s online or on-premise.
  • Developed with SharePoint framework, easily add your own web parts
  • Use Entra ID to manage access, permissions and audience targeting

All Office 365 apps are at your service

The best thing about using an EX platform compatible with the Microsoft ecosystem is that all office tools like Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are at your service all the time.
  • Create, edit, and share Excel worksheets collaboratively within your company.
  • Create, edit, and share Word documents and PowerPoint presentations collaboratively.
  • Allow employees to set their auto-reply message through Outlook integration

Forget about safety issues and risks

Using various platforms with different systems makes it difficult to deal with safety issues. Prefer products and services that are in the Microsoft ecosystem for enhanced compatibility.
  • Apps that are designed for interpersonal comms may cause leakage; use only MS Teams.
  • External storage solutions contain the risk of being stolen; prefer MS SharePoint Document Library.
  • Entra ID can be used for identity and user access management.

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